Work as a Team at the Fort Worth Panic Room

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A little over five miles, or a 10-minute drive, from the Rocklyn at Samuels Avenue apartments for rent in Fort Worth, TX, is Fort Worth Panic Room. The panic room contains two rooms with differing stories to test your teamwork and problem-solving skills, while you have an excellent time in the process. Each scenario was created to get your heart pumping, adrenaline running, and to bring your group of friends closer together.

If your home is at the sophisticated Rocklyn apartments, then going out to a panic room is a must:


Cabin Fever takes 8 people to survive the 60-minute adventure. You and your group have gone on vacation at a ski resort when a blizzard arrives, catching you all outside, vulnerable. You stumble around in hopes of finding shelter to keep you warm and you discover an old cabin in the middle of nowhere. Your group of eight people can fit inside, but the neglected cabin is falling apart. Can you and your group use what is in the cabin to keep it up during the storm, or will you all freeze to death when the cabin falls in on you?


This adventure requires around 10 people to complete the puzzles in 60 minutes. You and your group have been kidnapped by an insane surgeon bent on murder and destruction. He has injected each one of you with a fatal drug that will kill you in one hour. Can you work together to solve the puzzles, find the cure, and escape before the surgeon comes back; or will you all die an agonizing death by poison and whatever else the insane doctor has planned for you?

Note: This particular room contains flashing lights throughout. If you have a medical condition made worse by such lighting, please let an employee know. You can either have the lights turned off for your group’s adventure, or you may choose to go into the other room without penalty.

However you choose to have fun, there are plenty of options in Fort Worth. Many of these great amenities are within a short distance from Rocklyn. We would love to hear from you and schedule a private tour of our community. PleaseĀ contact us today for more information.

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