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kolache pastries

Texas is known for a lot of wonderful food including barbecue, chili, and Tex-Mex. But visitors are sometimes surprised to discover the popularity of kolaches in Texas. Originally from the Czech Republic, kolaches are filled pastries made with a yeast dough. They arrived in Texas along with immigrants from Eastern Europe, and have become a staple of donut shops, bakeries, and gas stations across the state.

Popular Kolache Shops in Fort Worth

Pearl Snap: This mini-chain scored the Grand Champion prize at the 2018 Texas Kolache Bake Show. They offer a variety of interesting fillings, and one reviewer is convinced that “their dough is made of magic”.

Busy B’s Bakery: Ignore the fact that this bakery is located in an unassuming strip mall storefront. In Texas, some of the best local eats can often be found in unexpected places, even in gas station restaurants. Busy B’s puts out many locals’ favorite kolaches, along with donuts and other pastries.

Kenner’s Kolache Bakery: Reviewers claim that this suburban shop produces better kolaches than the famous town of West, where Texas’ kolache craze began. It sticks to more traditional flavors than other bakeries, but seems to have nailed the perfect, light dough and just-sweet-enough fillings.

Enticing Kolache Varieties

If you’re interested in a traditional kolache, you’ll want to stick with fruit or poppy seed fillings. Popular choices include apricot, blueberry, or apple. Sometimes cream cheese is combined with fruit for a heartier treat. In Texas, sausage and jalapeno fillings have become common enough to be considered traditional as well.

Many of the newer kolache shops in Texas distinguish themselves with interesting new flavors. Pearl Snap, in particular, offers unique kolache fillings like pulled pork, pecan pie, and Nutella.

No matter which type of kolache becomes your favorite, you’re sure to find a shop you love near Rocklyn. Contact us today to learn more about our new Fort Worth apartments.

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